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Scrounging again

I'll be at James and Sim's wedding this weekend, going home from Gatwick on Sunday, and I was wondering if anybody from Croydon who was going would be willing to put me up on Saturday night?
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Merry Christmas one and all.

I was going to send some cards, but a combination of mislaying my address book and just being even more crap than normal (for a given value of "normal") has resulted in me, erm, not doing so.

Anyway, I love you all. Don't make a big thing of it.

Merry Xmas
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(no subject)

Hmmm, had 2 pints after work (5.15-6.15). Just finished another, had a call to see a mate who is getting married tomorrow.

Question: Should I drive?

Edit: Decided not to risk it
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(no subject)

I went to a very unusual stag do on Saturday. Unusual in that the groom didn't turn up.

When he last spoke to people about it a few weeks ago, he decided on the 11th, although he is not getting married until the 25th.

So Ian, Ant and I went out drinking and having fun.

I tried calling the groom from the first pub. It diverted to his home phone, and his son informed me that he was at a work ball.

Still, we had a good night.
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(no subject)

My father:"Can you put on, that guy, you know"
Me: "Max's cousin?"
Dad: "yes"
Me"Peter Grant!"
Dad: "That's it"

I hate it when I know what he means
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(no subject)

Conversation with Ant in the pub:

"You have quite a foot fetish don't you? Actually you have a woman fetish"
"Its true, show me a pair of womens elbows and thats enough to get me excited"
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Finally - a proper job

For the first time this year, I know where I'll be working in three weeks. I've just signed a three month contract with Royal Bank Of Canada, so unless I fuck up spectacularly, I've got more job security now than I've had for about a year.

Personally I thought I wasn't going to get it. I thought I was a bit too relaxed and even flippant at interview

HR person"Can you give me three words that describe you?"

Me "No"

Now I have to fill out pages of stuff in addition to the contract and go down the police station and pay them £20 (I'll get it back) so that they can do a full criminal records search for RBC.
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people skills vs. honesty

Oops. Have just slightly upset a colleague by stating that palm reading and mediums "...have no basis in fact and are only believed by foolishly credulous people."

Must remember the following:

1. Sometimes its appropriate for me to suppress my urge to give an honest, frank opinion.

2. There are a lot of credulous fools about. I shouldn't be surprised, or think that they are amenable to reason.

3. There are lots of people whose beliefs I find foolish, but are nice people I shouldn't upset.